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    Seminars in Computational Biology

    Naples offers a vibrant research environment with many excellent research groups lead by our Faculty.  A number of science seminars, systems biology summer schools and workshops are organized by the CQB program and our partner institutions such as TIGEM,  BIOGEM, CEINGE, SZN, and others.

    CQB PhD student should attend at least to 20 seminars per year (mandatory requirement).

    Seminars organized by CQB program are listed in the page Events and in the home page as news.



    Past Events





    4th December 2020 15:00

    Francesco Iorio CRISPR-cas9 screens and multi-omic data integration for identifying and prioritising anti-cancer therapeutic targets

    11st December 2020 15:00

    Giulio Caravagna Subclonal reconstruction of tumour architectures by using machine learning and population genetics

    21st January 2021 15:00

    Mario Suvà Dissecting human gliomas and their microenvironment by single-cell genomics

    29th January 2021 16:00

    Antonio Iavarone Classification and precision therapy of glioblastoma

    8th February 2021 16:00

    Gad Getz Finding Drivers in Cancer: from Primary Cancers to Resistance

    19th February 2021 15:00

    Francesco Iorio  Signature reversion and other computational strategies for identifying drug repositioning opportunities 

    26th February 2021 15:00

    Julio Saez-Rodriguez  Supporting machine learning with biological knowledge to extract insight from omics data

    17st March 2021 15:00

    Alberto Mantovani Innate Immunity and Inflammation: from Cancer to COVID-19

    31st March 2021 15:00

    Andrea Califano Elucidating and Targeting Mechanisms of Single Cell State Maintenance 

    9th April 2021 15:00

    Francesca Petralia   Integrated proteogenomic characterization across seven histological types of pediatric brain tumors   

    27th April 2021 15:00

    Francesca Ciccarelli   Molecular and cellular predictors of response to cancer immunotherapy: beyond Tumour Mutational Burden

    7th May 2021 15:00

    Lucia Marucci   Feedback control as a tool to understand complex dynamics in mammalian cells

    14th May 2021 15:00

    Tal Danino Synthetic biology: From engineered bacteria gene circuits to cancer therapy 

    21th May 2021 15:00

    Francesco Sannino The pandemic playbook, a physicist take

    14th July 2021 16:00

    Gabriele Campanella  Clinical-grade computational pathology

    2nd December 2021 10:30

    Raoul J.P. Bonnal Single cell omics leverage Machine Learning to dissect tumor microenvironment and cancer immuno editing 

    21st January 2022 15:00

    Riccardo Zecchina 

    The learning landscape in deep neural networks and its exploitation by learning algorithms 

    2nd February  2022 15:00

    Davide Bedognetti 

    Systems biology as a compass to understand tumor-immune interactions in humans 

    16th February 2022 15:00 

    Nuria Lopez  Computational analysis of cancer genomes 

    4th March 2022 15:00 

    Serena Nik-Zainal 

    Bench to Bytes to Bedside: Converting genomic data into healthcare tools 

     11st March 2022 15:00

    Itay Tirosh  Dissecting glioblastoma by single cell RNA-seq

    23rd March 2022 15:00 

    Oliver Stegle  Computational single-cell biology: from one to many cells

    13rd April 2022 15:00 

    Andrea Ciliberto Cellular strategies to overcome stimuli that arrest proliferation 

    22nd April 2022 15:00 

    Olivier Elemento  Towards AI-Driven Cancer Precision Medicine 

    29th April 2022 15:00 

    Nicole Soranzo  Population and medical genomics applications to human traits and diseases 

    11st May 2022 15:00

    Velia Siciliano  Designing synthetic circuits with sensing properties and robust expression in mammalian cells 

    18th May 2022 15:00 

    Mukesh Bansal Driving Precision Medicine and Drug Discovery using Systems Biology approaches 

    20th June 2022 15:00 

     Giusy Della Gatta   Accelerating target identification and drug discovery through the power of high scale human genetics  

    17th March 2023 15:00

    Andrea Beccari The state of the art of AI and Physics-Based Simulations in drug discovery 

    24th March 2023 15:00

    Aristotelis Tsirigos Evolution of the 3D chromatin architecture in acute leukemia 

    31st February 2023 15:00

    Davide Risso Learning gene association networks using single-cell RNA-seq data: a graphical model



    Upcoming Events 




    16th June 2023 15:00  Andrea Sottoriva Measuring cancer evolution from (epi)genomic data

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