Computational and Quantitative Biology PhD

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    Seminars in Computational Biology

    Naples offers a vibrant research environment with many excellent research groups lead by our Faculty.  A number of science seminars, systems biology summer schools and workshops are organized by the CQB program and our partner institutions such as TIGEM,  BIOGEM, CEINGE, SZN, and others.

    CQB PhD student should attend at least to 20 seminars per year (mandatory requirement).

    Seminars organized by CQB program are listed in the page Events and in the home page as news.


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    4th December 2020 15:00

    Francesco Iorio CRISPR-cas9 screens and multi-omic data integration for identifying and prioritising anti-cancer therapeutic targets

    11th December 2020 15:00

    Giulio Caravagna Subclonal reconstruction of tumour architectures by using machine learning and population genetics

    16th December 2020 15:00

    Francesco Iorio Signature reversion and other computational strategies for identifying drug repositioning opportunities

    21st January 2021 15:00

    Mario Suvà Harnessing Big Data for Science (provisional)
    8th February 2021 16:00

    Gad Getz

    Finding Drivers in Cancer: from Primary Cancers to Resistance
    26th February 2021 15:00

    Julio Saez-Rodriguez

    Supporting machine learning with biological knowledge to extract insight from omics data


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