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    Lucia Marucci - Feedback control as a tool to understand complex dynamics in mammalian cells

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    Date: Friday, 7th May 2021 15:00

    Venue: Webex

    Complex non-linear dynamics orchestrate mammalian cell phenotypes in health and disease. In this talk, I will start discussing combined experimental and computational approaches to model multiscale gene expression, proliferation and spatial dynamics in both embryonic stem cell cultures and in intestinal crypts. I will then propose synthetic biology and applications of control theory strategies to directly engineer gene expression dynamics in living cells, proposing this as a methodology to both directly couple dynamics to phenotypes, and to design superior culture protocols and combination therapies. 


    Lucia Marucci is an Associate Professor in Systems and Synthetic Biology, and an Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) Early Career Fellow at the University of Bristol (UK). After completing an MSc in Mathematics and Data Science (University of L'Aquila), she obtained a PhD in AutomaIc Engineering at the University Federico II (Naples), working on models of synthetic gene regulatory networks engineered within the Telethon Institute of GeneIcs and Medicine (TIGEM). She then obtained an EMBO Long-Term Fellowship to study the role of signalling pathway dynamics in stem cells at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG, Barcelona). Since 2013, she leads in Bristol an interdisciplinary research group, which combines computational and experimental approaches to understand and control complex dynamics and phenotypes in living cells. 


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