Computational and Quantitative Biology PhD

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    Michele Ceccarelli, Program Chair

    Machine Learning  and Cancer Genomics


    Claudia Angelini

    Statistics and Computational Tools for Bioinformatics



    Diego di Bernardo

    Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology


    Mario Capasso

    Translational genomics in pediatric cancers


    Angelo Ciaramella (Parthenope University of Naples)

    A&I and Machine Learning 


    Maria Luisa Chiusano

    Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology



    Sergio Cocozza

    Medical Genetics



    Maria Vittoria Cubellis

    Biochemistry and Bioinformatics 



    Alfonso De Simone

    Multiscale molecular simulations and biomolecular NMR 


    Marco Faella

    Formal Methods in Computational Biology


    Francesco Iorio (Human Technopole)

    Analytical methods for pharmacogenomics


    Francesco Isgro

    Pattern Analysis in Computational Biology


    Barbara Majello

    Genetics and Molecular Oncology


    Mario Nicodemi

    Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems in Physics and Molecular Biology



    Mario Sansone

    Biomedical signal and image processing



    Alba Silipo

    Carbohydrate Chemistry


    Bianca Stroffolini

    Mathematics and Biomathematics


    Enza Torino



    Alessandro Vergara

    Biophysics and Physical Chemistry


    Patrizia Vitale

    Nonlinear dynamics


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