Computational and Quantitative Biology PhD

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    Students activity reports


    Bimonthly Student Reports

    CQB students have to upload individual Bimonthly Student Reports (BSR) on the CQB web site, according to the following deadlines:

    • by January 3, for the period up to December 31st;
    • by March 3, for the period from Jan 1 to Feb 28;
    • by May 3, for the period from Mar 1 to Apr 30;
    • by July 3, for the period va from May 1 to June 30;
    • by September 3, for the period from July 1 to Aug 31;
    • by November 3, for the period from Sep 1 to Oct 31.


    BSRs have to be signed by both the student and his/her tutor.

    The files of individual reports have to be named according to the following pattern:



    X = 1, 2 or 3 (PhD year)

    D = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 (bimonthly period: 1=nov-dec, 2=jan-feb, etc.)







    TRAR  (Training and Research Activities Report)

    After completing the form, delete the notes highlighted in yellow.





    YEP (Year end Presentation) 





    For uploading documents, students need to login from the home page of this web site, using their official personal credentials for the email and other university services.

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