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    Budget Doctoral Students


     The following types of expenses are eligible for individual doctoral student research and training: 

    1.  Expenses for research mobility, both in Italy and abroad (mission assignment); 
    2.  Expenses for registration at conferences and conventions; 
    3.  Expenses related to enrollment in training courses, summer or winter schools, etc.; 
    4.  Expenses for publications; 
    5.  Expenses for the purchase of consumables or materials instrumental to the research carried out, etc; 
    6.  Expenses incurred for the purchase of bibliographic material; 
    7.  Expenses for the purchase of instrumental goods and PC software (U-GOV code CG.04.41.02 Purchase of Materials). 


    The expenses referred to in points 5) 6) and 7) refer exclusively to goods with a value of less than €516.46 which are not already available at the Structure. The administrative and accounting management of these goods is assigned to the Department and all material purchased with the budget for research activities will remain the property of the University. 


    The spending proposal must be endorsed by the PhD student's tutor and approved by the Director of the Department, together with the Head of Accounting Processes, for the verification of legitimacy and administrative and accounting regularity. 


    It is possible to access the annual budget only after the completion of the enrollment of the doctoral student and not before the beginning of the academic year. 


    Download here the file regarding this procedure.

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