Computational and Quantitative Biology PhD

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    Computational Genomics


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    Time and Credits

    This course amounts 6 ECTS (30 hours) 


    1. Alignments: Longest common subsequence, edit distance, global alignment, localvalignment. Substitution matrices: PAM and BLOSUM. Multiple alignments.
    2. Motif search in genomic sequences: PWM, PSSM, pattern matching
    3. Molecular phylogenetics: phylogenetic trees, genetic distance, tree building algorithms: clustering based methods and sequence based methods
    4. Functional genomics and gene expression: microarray data and sequencing data, differentially expressed genes and statistical tests, functional analysis, and Gene Ontology over-representation
    5. Algorithms for the analysis of next generation sequencing data: genome mapping, genome assembly, variant detection, gene expression quantification.


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