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    Andrea Ciliberto - Cellular strategies to overcome stimuli that arrest proliferation

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    Date: Wednesday, 13th April 2022 15:00


    The ability to divide and proliferate is an essential property of every cell. Usually, it is a well regulated process, which is kept under tight control by intra- and inter-cellular mechanisms. Nevertheless, it can go awry, as it happens in cancer cells. Hence, it is important to understand how cell division can be modulated: slowed down, prevented or channeled towards cell death. Unfortunately, cells are 'machine to divide', and thus the attempts to arrest their proliferation are often unsuccessful. In this lecture, we will explore the strategies cells adopt to oppose insults aimed at preventing their proliferation. We will present  experimental results obtained both on short (hours) and very long time scales (months), using single cell analyses, mathematical models, and evolution experiments.

    Short CV

    Andrea Ciliberto graduated in Genetics at the University of Florence, with an experimental and theoretical work on cell proliferation in early embryos. He then moved to Virginia Tech (US) where he specialized in modeling molecular regulatory networks with John J. Tyson. He continued his work on molecular networks with Bela Novak at the University of Technology in Budapest, after which he moved to IFOM, in Milan, where he started his own group. Initially only theoretical, his lab now mainly performs experiments focused on mechanisms of chromosome segregation in eukaryotes.


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    • Wednesday, 13th April 2022 15:00

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