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    Project Proposals XXXVIII cycle 2022

    Here a partial list of PhD projects for the XXXVIII cycle. Students are encouraged to select the most appropriate theme for their background and contact individual PIs for further information and availability.




    Project title

    Mario Capasso

    Understand the complex interaction between inherited genetic variation and that acquired at the tumor level and therefore to understand its effect on carcinogenesis, tumor progression and on the response to therapy 

    Diego Di Bernardo

    Transcriptional phenotyping of breast cancer at the single-cell level to predict drug therapy for personalized medicine 

    Antonio M. Rinaldi

    Multimedia knowledge infrastructure for biomedical data management and analysis

    Antonio M. Rinaldi

    Integrative Bioinformatics for trans-omics networks representation and analysis

    Flora Amato

    Biomedical sensors frameworks and methodologies for Workplace Safety and Health enhancement

    Mario Nicodemi

    The 3D organization of chromosomes and its link to human diseases
    Marco Aiello AI-based methods to support clinical decision in the medical imaging domain
    Monica Franzese Machine learning approaches in radiogenomics to characterize complex diseases and support precision medicine
     Alba Silipo Decoding the structural details of the recognition mode of sialoglycans by Siglec receptors implicated in infection and cancer 
     Velia Siciliano Engineering of immune cells that can dynamically remodel the tumor microenvironment with the release of immunomodulatory model
     Alessandro Vergara DNA metalation: a combined experimental/computational approach 
    Bruno Catalanotti Development of AI platforms for repositioning currently available drugs for new diseases
    Angelo Ciaramella EXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) based Decision Support Systems for early detection and diagnosis of cancer
    Francesco Isgrò Advanced artificial intelligence techniques and systems to support precision medicine
    Barbara Majello Exploiting the intertwined roles of DNA damage and epigenetics in genomic instability
    Giovanni Scala Multi-Omics Genes and Molecules Network Embedding (MIMNE)
    Mario Di Bernardo

    Data-driven and learning-based control approaches for cybergenetics





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